And So it Begins…

So, FYP picking season is upon us and I am terrified beyond belief because y’know, future riding on what is essentially a very long essay. For those of you not in the loop an FYP is a Final Year Project, essentially its what people in Irish colleges (maybe more but IDK) do in their final … Continue reading

Get Your Head in the Game.

Tip 1 in how to apologise for not writing a blog post in *mumble mumble* months: Name your post after something from High School Musical, everyone will be too confused and will have the song stuck in their head, thus be too concerned with other things to remember that your last post proclaimed a post … Continue reading

Triumphant comebacks and All That.

So that week flew by didn’t it, already time for another post. Ok, so its been more than a week… maybe along the lines of 3 months or so, honestly, I had plans to post regularly throughout the summer, but then stuff happened… mainly hangovers. But I’m back, TA DAH! (dramatic enough?) So my summer … Continue reading

Lessons Learned From Dublin Pride.

Ok, yes I know, it’s been a long time, 2 weeks pretty much, and yes I said y’all could assign me dares if I failed to post every week, so I leave my comment box open to all of you, be specific, a vague answer means I have to think, and summer and thinking do … Continue reading

I Guess I Could Reflect.

Why yes that is a rather large picture of my facial region being blocked by my hand, and yes it is signifying the short time I have left before I can finally take summer into my own hands, and that my dear friends is unintentional symbolism that I had not though of when taking the … Continue reading

An Update on 101

So, for those of you who have been following this blog for a while (I’ll come up with a name for you, like Lady Gaga has the Monsters… I can already tell this won’t happen) you’ll know that I have a list of 101 Things to be completed in 1001 days. It’s been a while … Continue reading

Leaving Cert Bants.

To think that I did my Leaving Cert two years ago is to realise that I am an old haggard man close to death, not really but it puts into perspective how time flies. Especially in relation to something you thought was one of the most important things in the world, that you stayed up … Continue reading

Life Updates and Dead Legs

It’s really sunny out and that appears to be affecting my ability to come up with a proper intro into this post, so instead you have a vague rambling as to why I don’t have an intro which has now turned into me talking about me talking about not having an intro, which in turn … Continue reading

Dear 80 Year Old Me.

So, those 3 days flew by didn’t they…. ok, fine, I was gone for nearly two weeks, but a lot of stuff happened that needed dealing with, including work, co-op, Erasmus, college and thirst for alcoholic beverages. While a lot has been happening over the past two weeks, none of it is bloggable, unless hearing … Continue reading